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Subvert Sessions | BOOM KLICKITY BOOM KLACK [December 2009 Drum & Bass Mix]

Subvert Sessions | BOOM KLICKITY BOOM KLACK [December 2009 Drum & Bass Mix]

Download: hxxp:// (please change xx to tt, thanks!)

Track List:

01. BAL - Housey [Influence]
02. MUTT - Blackrock [Inside]
03. MUTT - 80s Groove [Inside]
04. QUMULUS - Better Than Before [Influenza Media]
05. D-BRIDGE - Inner Disbelief [Exit]
06. SINISTARR - My Thoughts Exactly [Inside]
07. GRIMM - Putting It Down [Influenza Media]
08. A-SIDES & MAKOTO - Spacetrain [Eastside]
09. DOSE - The Place In Between [Dispatch]
10. TRISECTOR - Morning Rain [Med School]
11. RANDOMER - Down In The Woods [Alpha Cuts]
12. MOSUS - Whistle Back [Advanced]
13. WOTS MY CODE - Dubplate (2008 Re-Rub) [Advanced]
14. TOM & JERRY - Maximum Style Volume 2 (Marky & S.P.Y. Remix) [TJ002]
15. SEU JORGE - Burguesinha (Marky & S.P.Y. Remix) [white]
16. SERUM vs VAPOUR - True Calling [Critical]
17. SURVIVAL - Vintage [Revolution]
18. ZERO FREQUENCY- Twenty Thousand Leagues [TRD004]
19. NETSKY - I Refuse [Spearhead]
20. NETSKY - Midnight Express [Spearhead]
21. ATOM - Gravity [Amen Brothers]
22. EVESON - Anywhere Anytime [Future Thinking]
23. SINISTARR - Recovery [Deep Soul Music]
24. SINISTARR - Anti-Personnel [Creative Source]
25. JEAN DOE - Fibre [Nerve]
26. JEAN DOE - Nuance [Nerve]
27. JUBEI - Entrapment [Metalheadz]
28. PHOBIA & JUBEI - The Fugitive [Coded Music]
29. S.P.Y. - Moon Patrol [Metalheadz]
30. DOMINIC.RIDGWAY - Concepts [N/A]
31. JOHN CARPENTER - Escape From New York Main Title [Milan]

Mixed by: Zul
Recorded: 14 Dec 2009
Time: 1:18.32

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One of Singapore's longest serving drum 'n' bass posses, Subvert was formed by Chuan and Zul and have been holding parties since 1998 along the putting up parties featuring the likes of Friction, Stamina MC, John B, Pendulum, London Elektricity and most recently Logistics and Hospital Records' Chris Goss.
At the same time, Zul - who is also a journalist at one of Singapore's leading newspapers - has spent time as resident at White Label in Hong Kong (regularly working the turntables of Amnesia, Ing, Studio 1, Phi-Bs and Level 27) circa 2001.
He has also DJed in London (playing at the acclaimed Hospitality night at the Herbal club in Shoreditch) as well as Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok.
Zul has also played alongside DJs like Aphrodite, Friction, John B, London Elektricity, Logistics, Sonic, Pendulum, Krust & Die, Cyantific, Tomahawk, Danny Byrd, DJ Dieselboy, MC Messenian, Digital and Teebee.

Booking info / MSN: or AIM ZulSubvert

Finally, drop me an e-mail for links to other Subvert mixes!

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