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SSC001 – Various Artists – Our Vision

Woot woot, the New Year gift from Sky Society! We are glad to bring you our first free compilation consisting of 19 tracks by artists from former Soviet Republics (and not only). This is ‘Our Vision’!!! Hope you enjoy it as much as we did putting it together. Merry Christmas and a Happy New 2010!

Cover art by Martin Block.

Special thanks to Uior and DoLLby.

Great thanks to all the producers who helped with this compilation!

01 Suxxy – Jogi Jogi V Rot Mne Nogi

02 Zhukah – Amensridah

03 Rivak – Chukchu Ne Budi

04 Tester – My Voice

05 Chaptage – One Jamy Two Junk

06 cHAzy vs. KO – Monika

07 Junglinskiy – Elefant I.I

08 Gexider – Wild Out

09 Crusty One Two – Ash of Cowards

10 Neurocoders – Games With Imaginary Friends

11 Dem Tune – Chat So Much

12 Ky39 – Intergalactic Shit

13 De Leu – Dedebebop

14 m1gUnOv – mag1c m0ments 0f chr1stmas 1llness

15 Exilis – Brand New Secondhand

16 Animal Strange Dolls – Detector

17 Bobs and Sounds – Let’s Break the Violin

18 doz410 – Insomnia

19 Crusty One Two – Viva (Outro)


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